Welcome to the SpInS family

At SpInS going to school is an exciting educational experience for the students. It's here that they develop their personalities, form their opinions, values, likes and dislikes. School is the second home for the SpInS students and the teachers a second family.

We are all students on a journey of life and each one of us is a teacher,  sharing  our varied experiences.

Each child follows the beat of a different drummer. At SpInS, we encourage students to be themselves, identify their rythm in life and continue to create new tunes in their search for excellence. Our students are given the space they need to discover, grow, change and experiment every aspect of their personalities. Students from SpInS  look forward to a future in which the world is their playground.  

Updated News

  • At SPINS we believe that school is an educational experience.

  • Education is best served  when students experience real-world applications of learning.

  • Diversity of talents, ideas,  and individuals are valued and encouraged.